1. Forensic examination of video- and audio recordings (criminal and civil cases).

  2. Restoration of audio tracks, noise reduction, speech recovery.

  3. Consulting on audio recording, forensic audio examination, investigation of audio tracks, audio lab equipment investigationidentification, authenticity analysis of analog and digital audio recordings.

  4. Lections and seminars on the methods of noise reduction and speech recovery, voice identification, authenticity analysis of analog and digital audio recordings (for users of OTExpert).

  5. Participation in R&D projects.

More details about services

Forensic audio examination with following tasks:

    • Voice identification on Russian and other languages.

    • Authenticity analysis of analog and digital recordings:

      • Search for traces of different editing methods.

      • Proving of audio replication.

      • Proving of mutual correspondence of audio and video tracks.

    • Identification of audio recording device.

    • Reduction of all types of noises and compensation of distortions.

    • Speech recovery in audio tracks.

    • Establishing of textual content of speech (including low quality recordings) (Russian, English).

    • Personality diagnosis (gender, age, accent (Russian language), anthropometric data, etc.) by speech.

    • Diagnosis of acoustic environment and conditions of audio recordings. Identification of music on provided samples.

Participating in courts:

    • Testifying of cases.

    • As invited expert.

Restoration of audio recordings (not involved in criminal or civil cases) presented on different carriers.

Verbal and written consultations on:

    • Recording of speech.

    • Speech analysis and processing of audio recordings.

    • Appointment and evaluation of results of forensic audio examination.

Lections and practical seminars (OTExpert users) on methods of forensic audio examination:

    • Language independent voice identification.

    • Authenticity analysis of analog and digital recordings.

    • Noise reduction, speech recovery and textual content of speech recordings.

Participation in Research and Development project. The company staff has large experience in R&D projects as project leaders, consultants and executives.