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Developers* and vendors of technologies, software application used for speech analysis for forensic and scientific purposes (in alphabetical order)

CompanyCompany or product web-siteApplicationProduct, solution*
Russian (Non-governmental)
Dr. V.R.Zhenilohttp://zhenilo.narod.ruForensic Voice Identification, Authenticity analysisSW-2-15, "Phase" etc.
I.L.Ivanovwww.illidiy.orel.ruForensic Voice Identification, Authenticity analysisJustiphone
ISTA-SYSTEMSwww.ista.ruForensic Voice IdentificationSAPFIR (Сапфир)
OT-Contactwww.timbre.ruForensic Voice Identification, Authenticity analysisOTExpert
Stel – Computer Systemswww.stel.ruAutomatic Speaker RecognitionGolos (Голос), QSpeech
A.Talanovwww.edsw.narod.ruSpeech analysisEDSW
Aim Technologieswww.aimtech.ruForensic Voice IdentificationPhonexi (Фонэкси), PhonoBase
Speech Technology Centrewww.speechpro.comForensic Voice Identification, Authenticity analysis, Noise reductionSIS, SoundCleaner, EdiTracker, VoiceGrid, VoiceNet


Adobe (USA)www.adobe.comNoise Reduction 
Speech Recovery
Adobe Audution
Agnitio (Spain)www.agnitio.esAutomatic Speaker RecognitionBATVOX, ASIS, BS3
Algorithmix (Germany)www.algorithmix.comNoise Reduction 
Speech Recovery
ReNOVAtor, easyreNOVAtor
ScratchFree, NoiseFree
Autonomy Virage 
(USA - GB)
www.virage.comAutomatic Speaker Recognition, Speech recognitionComplex solution for audio and video data storing
Cedar (GB)www.cedar-audio.comNoise Reduction 
Speech Recovery
CEDAR Cambridge
DARTECH (USA)www.dartpro.comNoise Reduction 
Speech Recovery
Digital Audio Corporation - DAC (USA)www.dacaudio.comNoise Reduction 
Speech Recovery
EnhancedAudio.com (USA)www.enhancedaudio.comNoise Reduction 
Speech Recovery
DC LIVE/Forensics Audio Laboratory
Izotope (USA)www.izotope.comNoise Reduction 
Speech Recovery
Izotope RX
KayPentax (USA)www.kayelemetrics.comSpeech analysis for medical purposes, forensic examinationMulti-Speech и CSL (Computerized Speech Lab)
Loquendo (Italy)www.loquendo.comAutomatic Speaker, gender and language recognitionLVIS (Loquendo Voice Investigation System)
Complex solution for audio data storing
NICE Systems (Israel)www.nice.comAutomatic Speaker Recognition and verificationComplex solution for audio data storing
NUANCE (USA)www.nuance.comAutomatic speaker verification in telephone channelNuance Verifier
PerSay VoiceBiometrics (Israel)www.persay.comAutomatic Speaker Recognition and verificationFreeSpeech
Signalscape (USA)www.signalscape.comNoise Reduction 
Speech Recovery
Paul Boersma and David Weenink (University of Amsterdam)www.fon.hum.uva.nl/praatSpeech signal analysisPraat
The Centre for Digital Music, Queen Mary, University of London (GB)www.sonicvisualiser.orgSpeech signal analysisSonic Visualiser
VoiceVerified (USA)www.voiceverified.comAutomatic Speaker recognition and verificationEngines: Static Passphrase; Mixed Case; Random Fusion; Natural Speech
Waves (Israel-USA)www.waves.comNoise Reduction 
Speech Recovery 
Compensation of distortions
VST и DirectX-плагины: X-Noise; Z-Noise; X-Click; X-Crackle; X-Hum; SoundShifter
* - All mentioned names of companies and organizations, product names and labels are registered trademarks of corresponding companies. 
** - The list contains proved information about products and solutions for speech analysis and processing.