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List of Experts

Herrmann Zubov, General Director

Huge forensic audio examination and research experience at Ministry of Interior and Speеch Tеchnology Cеntre (Saint-Petersburg). Development of tools and methods of forensic audio examination since 1992. 

Herrmann Zubov is one of the most professional specialists in the field of noise reduction and speech recovery. In 2001 together with other experts of Speеch Tеchnology Cеntre he developed and successfully implemented speech recovery procedure for the recordings of Kursk submarine. 

For last ten years Herrmann Zubov on repeated occasions participated in forensic audio examinations for Russian and foreign law enforcement agencies, gave lections and seminars for tactic and expert departments of different services in Russia, Belarus, Germany, Georgia, Israel, Spain, Kazakhstan, Canada, Mexico, USA, Ukraine. 

At the positions of project manager and head of voice biometric department of Speеch Tеchnology Cеntre participated and leaded the development of tools and methods of high quality recording, noise reduction, voice identification and automatic speaker recognition. 

Herrmann Zubov is the author of several articles and reports on the topic of noise reduction, voice identification and automatic speaker recognition.

Polina Zubova, Leading Expert

Polina Zubova has 17 years of experience of forensic audio examination. She worked in Saint-Petersburg Forensic Examination Centre of Ministry of Interior, headed Video and Audio Research Department of Russian North-West Regional Centre of Forensic Sciences of Ministry of Justice. Polina Zubova is the member of the Scientific Council of the Forensic Sciences Centre of Ministry of Justice. Also Polina Zubova is the member of AES (Acoustic Engineering Society). 

Polina Zubova is one of the best forensic audio experts in the field of voice identification on Russian and other languages. Since 2002 using “Formant Matching” method developed by Speеch Tеchnology Cеntre specialists Polina Zubova accomplished several dozens of examinations including voice identification on Russian, Azerbaijani, English, Georgian, Abkhaz, Polish, Tadjik, Uzbek, Gypsy and other languages. 

Polina Zubova gave lections and seminars on forensic voice identification and audio analysis for tactics and expert units of law enforcement agencies of Russia and other countries (Serbia, USA, Turkey, RSA, etc.). Leading Expert Department of Speеch Tеchnology Cеntre participated in development of modern tools and methods of voice identification. As non-government expert participated in international Forensic Speech and Audio Analysis work group (FSAAWG) of European Network of Forensic Science Institutes (ENFSI).

Ivan Siparov, Senior Expert

Expert experience since 2006. Experience in development of tools and methods of forensic audio examination, automatic speaker recognition systems. 

Ivan Siparov is professional specialist in the field of forensic audio analysis education. Ivan Siparov gave hundreds of hours of lections on “Voice Identification”, “Authenticity Analysis”, “Noise reduction and Speech recovery” for tactic and expert units of law enforcement agencies in Russia and other countries (Belarus, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Mexico, Poland, Saud Arabia, Sudan, Albania, USA)